In the media-dominated world of 2024, media literacy will be a prerequisite for full participation in our society. What steps can we take now to ensure media literacy is achievable for everyone?

Organized by, Media Wisdom 2024 looks to the near future of the media landscape. Due to technological developments and the ever-increasing participation of “amateurs”, media plays an even more important role than today.

Media and new technology continues to make our lives easier and often enhances our connection with our surroundings. However, this is not the case for everyone. For example, the elderly may lack sufficient knowledge of modern media and the practical skills required to fully profit from the interactivity of an information-based society. And while the younger generation will be very comfortable with modern media, they may not always be capable of distinguishing between reliable and unreliable sources of information. In 2024, being “media literate” will be a basic condition for full participation in our society.

Media Wisdom 2024 will look into the future and discuss the steps towards achieving media literacy for all in a media-dominated world

7 maart 2013 Corporate, Event, Film

The Good Vibe & Life at Rembrandtplain @Rockstart Accelerator Watch it in HD 1080 Meet the ten Startups at Rockstart Accelerator located at Rembrandtplain 35 in Amsterdam. What is Rockstart Accelerator ? Get the answer with one word from each Startup!

7 maart 2013 Corporate, Film

5 Questions, 25 entrepreneurs, 125 answers in less then 2 hours. That’s Rockstart Answers.

We tested our first gig at our HQ. The Rockstart Answers concept works as follows. Every entrepreneur gets 5 minutes for his pitch and 5 minutes for getting answers. The first startup entrepreneur takes the stage and presents his idea in 3 slides: The Why, the Who and the What. The last slide includes his startup question. After some elaboration on the question, the crowd is invited to answer the question. They’re asked to write down tips, ideas, and introductions on a notepad. When the time is up, all the notes are collected and we’re off to the next pitch.

After the 5 pitches are through, the audience is invited to stand up and team up with the entrepreneurs they found interesting and talk about the answers that the audience supplied to him. In the case of Rototray, a collaborative, event-based, mobile photo album app, they received tips and tricks to answer their question: “What are the most frequent post-investment pitfalls and how can we avoid them?

7 maart 2013 Corporate, Film